Travel stories – from 21st September 2020

Travel stories
Guides, memories, maps among the Capitolare’s books

Nomads, pilgrims, adventurers, explorers… humans have always been travelers. That’s probably the reason for the continuous success of books telling tales about travels, or guiding and inspiring new routes. The exhibition will be a journey through ancient books’ pages, divided into four main themes, each one represented by significant works that will be displayed to the public.

The first theme will be pilgrimage: its protagonist will be the Itinerarium Burdigalense: one of the oldest copies of the first reported journey to Jerusalem, written by an anonymous pilgrim who travelled from Bordeaux to the Holy Land and back, stopping also in Verona.
Cartography will be represented by 16th century atlases, nautical maps, Ptolemaic geographical charts.
There will also be some travelling memories, including a 16th century Venetian edition of Marco Polo’s Il Milione, and a biography of Christopher Columbus written by his own son Fernando.
The exhibit will be completed by a few “travelling books”, whose size and story lead them to undertake long journeys.

The English tour will be held every Friday at 11 AM.
Reservations required – at least one day in advance.


Full fare: 10.00 €
Reduced ticket (up to and including 14 years of age): 5.00 €
Free entry for children under the age of 10 accompanied by a paying adult.

For information and reservations
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