Guided tours for schools

The Chapter Library is available for private guided tours dedicated to school classes. The guided tour takes about one hour and will introduce students to the history of the Library and its treasures. The cost of the guided tour is € 2 per student. Tickets must be reserved at least one week in advance.Days and…

Travel stories – from 21st September 2020

Travel stories Guides, memories, maps among the Capitolare’s books Nomads, pilgrims, adventurers, explorers… humans have always been travelers. That’s probably the reason for the continuous success of books telling tales about travels, or guiding and inspiring new routes. The exhibition will be a journey through ancient books’ pages, divided into four main themes, each one…


The Biblioteca Capitolare will be CLOSED on Thursday, 27 and Wednesday, 28 August, due to structural repair made necessary by the recent cloudburst that hit Verona on Sunday, 23 August. As a consequence, the English guided tour will be suspended for this week. Thank you for your comprehension!

Post fata resurgam – renewal paths

“Post fata resurgam” – renewal paths With these Latin words, meaning “After death I will resurrect”, Canon Giuseppe Turrini – director of the Biblioteca Capitolare – commented on the library’s reopening in 1948. Tradition attributes this motto to the phoenix, a legendary bird which is born again from the ashes of its own fire: the…

Summer closure

Dear visitors,the Biblioteca Capitolare will be closed for summer holiday from 10th to 21st August 2020. The library will reopen on Saturday, 22 August and the English tour will held every Friday at 11.00 a.m. Tickets must be reserved at least one day in advance by phone (+39 331 594 6961) or by email (