Volunteers contribute to the common purpose with their time and skills, and especially with their energy. It is possible to operate inside the FBC in three different areas, which are integrated with one another:

  1. Consultation and research section: to support the Reading Room supervisors, in direct contact with the Biblioteca Capitolare’s treasures. Volunteers might help to:
       • Welcome researchers, explain the rules and assist them in consulting the resources and materials present in the Library;
       • Assist the photo lab and the reproduction of replicas
       • Supervise the issue and return of materials
       • Support research activities
  2. Management area: volunteers take part in the management of the FBC, which is a highly complex multifunctional structure, by:
       • Helping in the management of the different areas of activity in accordance with specific personal skills
       • Performing secretarial functions and provide management support
       • Supervising access to the building
  3. Museum section: as a volunteer, you can support the organization of events, exhibits and laboratories, in direct contact with visitors from all over the world, by:
       • Creating and delivering informational materials
       • Providing support in setting up events
       • Supervising and assisting the public
       • Supporting educational laboratories
       • Collecting data and customer surveys

If you would like to join us, please contact scuole@bibliotecacapitolare.it